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Q-BlueConnect is a cool new Instant Messenger that works over your mobiles Bluetooth connection. Fast and easy to use, the program shows everyone in the area with a mobile running Q-BlueConnect in your contacts list. You can message them and have multiple conversations at once. Similar interface to what you would typically see in MSN/Windows Live or Yahoo Messenger. Perfect for those situations where you need to communicate from a distance or say something you do not want others to hear. You never know, can possibly meet new people with it by just instant messaging appearing contacts.

Installation Instructions:

To download directly to your mobile, enter this link in your wap browser: 5603.q-stuff.com

A warning may come up on some phones, just press yes or accept.

You can also download the game to your computer first and then transfer it to your phone.

Jar File: Q-BlueConnect.jar

Jad File: Q-BlueConnect.jad

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Q-BlueConnect mobile game Screenshot