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Why should the house always have the upper hand? Q-CardCounter allows you to gain the winning edge in a game of BlackJack. Featuring four popular card counting strategies including Hi-Lo, Hi Opt I, Hi Opt II and Omega II. In addition stealth mode allows you to continue to count cards without raising suspicion by blacking out the screen. A subtle vibration alert can be set to tell you when you should bet.

Disclaimer: Q-Stuff is not responsible for the use of this program in any way or form.

Installation Instructions:

To download directly to your mobile, enter this link in your wap browser: 2121.q-stuff.com

A warning may come up on some phones, just press yes or accept.

You can also download the game to your computer first and then transfer it to your phone.

Jar File: Q-CardCounter.jar

Jad File: Q-CardCounter.jad

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